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Reiki Master & Teacher, Practitioner of Angelic Healing, Reiki Drumming, Past Life Regression, Sound Healing including Meditation, Crystal Bowls and Gong Therapy, Events Organiser bringing a touch of light & love from Heaven to Earth. 

Having had a lifelong interest in spirituality, since 2012 for me has been a continuous learning journey involving attending workshops, spiritual circles and studying various courses, discovering and exploring many avenues of interest which have lead me to the path of natural healing and energy work.

Through my learning and experiences, whether it be relating to the powers of the universe or the powers of the mind and the importance of taking care of mind, body and spirit as a whole, it has lead me on a natural progression of wanting to share with others the gift of self and natural healing offering therapies such as Reiki healing, Healing with Sound and Reiki teachings.

I am an accredited member of Reiki Federation and International Association of Therapists.

Samantha Davison

Why we're great

Reiki Treatment

I have had 3 Reiki sessions now with Gel and she is amazing, she is so welcoming and will put you completely at ease. After each session I feel amazing, Reiki clears my mind of all negative thoughts and allows me to be completely present and only focus on the positive and in reality rather than making assumptions and having worries about what might happen.

I can honestly say reiki has changed my thoughts and my life so much for the better I can not recommend Gel highly enough.

Dave Stacey Gladden 

Why we're great

Yoga Man Meditation

I have been to 2 Gong baths now and absolutely love them. Each time was different and took me on a journey. Afterwards, I felt relaxed - motivated and a lot calmer than before. I struggle to switch off but the atmosphere in the room is very relaxing & with Gels soothing voice to settle me into the meditation, plus then the sounds of the gong really help to take me off to a state of relaxation. I would highly recommend giving it a go!

Lucian Bota

Why we're great

Meditation Class

Very relaxing, welcoming and peaceful environment for meditation. Good guided meditation, thank you.

GOLDEN HANDS full symbol.png

What to expect during your Sound Session

        •       Arrive on a fairly empty stomach, no heavy meals beforehand 
        •       Arrive well hydrated and 5 minutes early. Remove shoes if preferred.
        •       Use the bathroom and switch off phone.
        •       We will create a clear intention for the session. YOU are the healer, your body knows exactly what to do IF you ALLOW.

        •       Make sure that you are comfortable – completely comfortable.
        •       Let every thing, muscle, thought, idea, or task GO.
        •       Stay open to the experience  & tune in to the vibrations.
        •       As the sound of the instruments…especially the gongs, increases, breathe INTO the sound.
       - Keep breathing IN inviting the sound IN…allowing it to wash over and though you.
       - NO resistance. Resistance will create irritation and seriously limit the benefits.
        •       As the sound builds, keep opening:
- Breathing into the sound and allowing.
       - Fully surrender to the waves of vibration as they reset your nervous system, organs and glands. 

This is subtle healing and most people report a just a feeling of bliss and relaxation. It is quite possible and not unusual to see colors, feel as though you are floating, experience strong emotional release like grief or crying or fleeting nausea or discomfort in the muscles, organs or bones. Again, allow. Let go of what is ready to be released.  

Stay well hydrated! Water and goodies will be offered for grounding as we return back to the physical body, slowly and gradually awakening from our transformational journey, please get up slowly and make sure that you are fully grounded before driving.


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