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Fri, 21 Jun


Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club

Summer Solstice Sound Healing - Celebrating The Sun


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Summer Solstice Sound Healing - Celebrating The Sun
Summer Solstice Sound Healing - Celebrating The Sun

Time & Location

21 Jun 2019, 10:45 – 12:45

Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club, Green St, Great Canfield, Dunmow CM6 1JU, UK

About the Event

🕉 Celebrating the sun and light - honouring the inner light within each of us as we enter the summertime gateway and the cosmic and solar portals open, letting in a huge influx of light and love to flood the earth, pouring over us as welcome in one of the most powerful healing times of the year as the sun stands still for 5 days!

(🌞Solstice- Sun Stand Still🌞)🙏✨

💫 Experience this unique relaxation and healing event offering 40 minutes meditation, 40 minutes of the hypnotic Crystal Bowls, followed by 40 minutes of the sonic and sacred sounds of the mighty and unmistakable Gongs & many other relaxing and sacred instruments.

Taking you through every level of this deeply healing journey of sound and transformation- an evening not to be missed!!

Using the powerful energies of the full moon to honour the light within as we delve deep into our subconscious bringing to the surface for surrender and release, what no longer serves our highest good 🙏

✨🧘‍♀️MEDITATION - detach, surrender and be released from the physical outer world to focus on the stillness, silence and magic that resides deep within each of us. 💫

As we settle into relaxation, allowing the thoughts to settle, you will be guided through some relaxation techniques, meditation’s and exercises for developing intuition, grounding, connecting with the angelic realms and your higher self to bring peace and inner calm.

🎍Meditation has a profound and powerful effect on one’s mental, emotional & physical well being, enabling and encouraging the bodies own natural healing abilities to take place.

🌈 SOUND HEALING WITH CRYSTAL BOWLS - the powerful harmonic tones of the bowls will penetrate your auric field creating a transformative energetic wave of cleansing and purifying vibrations that are transmitted deep into the cells of your very being, unearthing suppressed and stored dense energies, restoring balance and harmony within, aligning mind body & spirit. 💫

✨Each of the 7 bowls has a specific note that resonates directly with each of the 7 main chakras/energy centres so as the soothing relaxing sounds of the bowls begin to flow and the powerful frequencies and vibrations are transmitted, releasing any stored pockets of dense energy and brought to the surface for clearing and dispersing 🍚🧘‍♂️

🌔 SACRED AND SONIC SOUNDS OF THE GONGS - creating a safe ritual healing space for you to uncover and explore the hidden depths of your subconscious as you become bathed in the deeply healing and transformational sounds, tones and frequencies of this unmistakable Master healing experience, along with a variety of other relaxing instruments to be played 💫

💚 As you embark on your own unique journey of self discovery, allowing yourself to become immersed in the powerful vibrations and overtones as the resonant sound waves sweep through your body and penetrate your auric field releasing and dispersing unwanted stagnant energies that has become imbedded in the outer Biofield as well as releasing stored energies within which if not released, can manifest into illness and disease.

Through the process of entrainment, the brainwaves will be slowed down to reach the following states: 💫

🙇‍♀️ The first brainwave state to be reached is alpha, which is defined by frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz. Alpha brainwaves are associated with creativity and feelings of relaxation. In this state, people experience daydreams, associative thinking and an animated imagination. This state is quickly followed by an influx of theta brainwaves, which fall between 4 and 7 Hz. Normally, the theta brainwave state is associated with deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep.

Sound healing has been proven to alleviate all manner of physical and emotional imbalances, including fibromyalgia, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, and its symptoms of grief, anger, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia, as well as Parkinson’s disease, autism, and more. It also provides a noticeable boost to the immune system.

Energy exchange: £20

Book online at: ✅

Or bank transfer:

00480142 20-36-98 G Jones ✅✅



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